Center for Public Genomics

The Role of Intellectual Property

Project: Genomics as Information

Genomics as Information: The Role of Intellectual Property

Principal Investigator: Arti Rai

The goal of this project is to identify and analyze intellectual property challenges raised as genomic research becomes increasingly based on pure information ("genomics as information"), and to recommend policy responses to address current or anticipated problems.

The work of CpG 1.0 clarified the current range of issues facing genomic science. In examining issues ranging from exclusive licensing, to academic research practices in "open source" projects and the effect of patents on diagnostics, it showed a very different pattern than that predicted by the received wisdom. Some issues were not as problematic as had been perceived, while other problems in the research process had evaded attention. In focusing on the future of genomics as information, this project moves beyond this established base to deal with emerging problems that could threaten some of our most promising new technologies.