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Misha Angrist, PhD

Misha Angrist, PhD

Assistant Professor of the Practice, Institute for Genome Sciences & Policy

I suspect that most of our children will have genome scans as a routine part of their health care, to say nothing of their social lives. I want to understand what that world might look like.

Misha Angrist is interested in the intersection of genomes and society, especially as it is manifest in the nascent personal genomics movement. He is investigating personal genomics from technological, commercial and individual perspectives. His courseload includes Science in the Media; he has a particular interest in narrative nonfiction devoted to genomics and other life sciences.

Angrist holds a PhD in genetics from Case Western Reserve University, an MS in genetic counseling from the University of Cincinnati, and an MFA from the Bennington Writing Seminars.

Learn more about Dr. Angrist's research in GenomeLIFE

Recent Publications

A public resource facilitating clinical use of genomes.

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