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Alex Cho MD, MBA

Alex Cho MD, MBA

Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine - General Internal Medicine

Dr. Alex Cho, MD, MBA is an Assistant Professor of Medicine and a member of the DUHS Center for Personalized Medicine at Duke University. After receiving an AB in Chemistry from Harvard and his MD from the University of Minnesota, he completed a residency in internal medicine at NYU and Bellevue Hospital Center. He then came to Duke to complete a fellowship in general internal medicine and earn an MBA at Fuqua. His research studies the utility of incorporating testing for genomic variants associated with disease risk and drug response into primary care practice.

Dr. Cho directs the DUHS Innovation Development, Evaluation & Applications (IDEAs) group, a new group within the health system to promote the translation of care delivery innovations. Previously, he served as Special Assistant to Dr Victor Dzau, Chancellor for Health Affairs for Duke University, and President and CEO of the Duke University Health System. He is also the associate program director for ambulatory care for the Duke internal medicine residency program, and precepts at the Duke Outpatient Clinic.

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