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Nico Katsanis, PhD

Nico Katsanis, PhD

Professor, Department of Cell Biology
Director, Center for Human Disease Modeling

Dr. Katsanis obtained his first degree in Genetics from UCL in London in 1993 and his doctorate from Imperial College, University of London in 1997. He then joined the laboratory of Dr. Lupski at Baylor College of Medicine, where he initiated his studies on Bardet-Biedl syndrome. In 2002, he relocated to the Institute of Genetic Medicine, Johns Hopkins University where he led studies that contributed to the unification of several allied conditions under the ciliopathy umbrella.

In 2009, he moved to Duke University to establish the Center for Human Disease Modeling, where he is the Director; this new structure aims to facilitate collaboration across disciplines and to develop physiologically relevant tools to study variation found in human patient genomes. In parallel, the Katsanis lab pursues questions centered on the signaling roles of vertebrate cilia, the translation of signaling pathway defects on the causality of ciliary disorders, and the dissection of second-site modification phenomena as a consequece of genetic load in a functional system.

In recognition of his work, Dr. Katsanis was awarded the Young Investigator Award from the American Society of Nephrology in 2009 and the E. Mead Johnson Award from the Society for Pediatric Research in 2012. Dr Katsanis is a Professor in the Departments of Cell Biology and Pediatrics and holds the Brumley Distinguished Professorship. He has published over 150 research papers, reviews, and book chapters, serves on several advisory, editorial and organizational boards and has delivered over 100 lectures in 15 countries.

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Recent Publications

Defects in the IFT-B Component IFT172 Cause Jeune and Mainzer-Saldino Syndromes in Humans.

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