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Lori A. Orlando MD, MHS

Lori A. Orlando MD, MHS

Assistant Professor, School of Medicine

Dr. Orlando attended Tulane Medical Center for both medical school (1994-1998) and her Internal Medicine residency (1998-2000). There she finished AOA and received a number of awards for teaching and clinical care from the medical school and the residency program, including the Musser-Burch-Puschett award in 2000 for academic excellence. After completing her residency, she served as Chief Medical Resident in Internal Medicine (2001) and then completed an Internal Medicine Fellowship at Duke University Medical Center (2002-2004). In 2004 she also received her MHS from the Clinical Research Training Program at Duke University and joined the academic faculty at Duke and the Durham VA Medical Center. She is a Senior Fellow in the Center for Clinical Health Policy Research, a Member of the Institute for Genome Sciences and Policy, a member of the Leadership Committee for the Duke Center for Personalized Medicine, and practices medicine at the Duke Executive Health Program.

In 2005 she received the Milton W. Hamolsky Award for Outstanding Junior Faculty by the Society of General Internal Medicine. Her major research interests are translating research and evidence based recommendations into clinical practice, implementation research, the impact of genetics on clinical practice, and decision modeling. As part of the Evidence Based Practice Center she evaluated emerging treatments and diagnostic tools to determine their incremental impact on clinical decisions compared to currently available strategies and developed new evidence-based tools to aid clinicians in providing quality care for their patients. An example of this is the Chronic Kidney Disease Toolkit and an assessment of pharmocogenomic testing using CYP450 polypmorphisms for Selective Serotonin Receptor Inhibitors (SSRI) metabolism. Since 2009 she has been a leader for the multi-institutional project called the Genomedical Connection whose goal is to implement a genomic medicine model in primary care practices. A clinical implementation study of the model is currently underway.

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