Undergraduate Education

Workstudy Opportunities

Work Study and Other Opportunities

Work Study

Students can gain valuable research skills and experience through paid work with various research groups. Responsibilities will vary depending on the position. In general, the work is more task-oriented than research work undertaken through independent study or summer fellowship. Contact Susanne Haga for information about available positions.

Summer Research Opportunities

The summer research opportunities below are for programs outside of Duke. Please also see the Summer Fellowship Program, the TGen-Duke Biomedical Futures Program, and visit the Duke Undergraduate Research Support Office Web site for an up-to-date listing of Duke and non-Duke summer programs.

Summer Science Sleuths at Duke is recruiting GRADUATE STUDENTS, POSTDOCS, & UNDERGRADUATES to help lead exciting hands-on science activities with 8th & 9th & 10th grade residential campers.

2013 Amgen Scholars Summer Program


Students can gain valuable insight about facets of genome science and policy research through volunteering and shadowing with GCB faculty. You can develop your own unique experience that is flexible to your time and interests. This could include one-on-one meetings with faculty, attendance at lab/group meetings, shadowing faculty, graduate students and fellows, and/or working with the faculty member on a research project. These experiences can be arranged directly through the faculty member or by contacting the Education Office.