Two of a Kind

University Program in Genetics & Genomics

In addition to the CBB PhD Program, the IGSP is also closely linked to the University Program in Genetics & Genomics (UPGG). In fact, before the IGSP came into being, UPGG was just UPG. The IGSP’s Beth Sullivan, now co-director of the UPGG program, recalls that it was IGSP Director Hunt Willard who realized the impact that genomics was having on science, suggested that the graduate training program be expanded to include genomics, and developed and taught the first genomics course for first-year UPGG students.

That link to the IGSP offered students in the program greater opportunities for exposure to the latest in genome research through their first-year rotations. Today, nearly half of all UPGG students have done at least one rotation in an IGSP lab, and about one-third of UPGG students are conducting their PhD research in an IGSP-affiliated lab.

“The combination of UPGG’s strength as a degree-granting graduate program and IGSP’s focus on research and education creates a rich graduate experience for Duke PhD students who desire to excel in genetics and genomics,” Sullivan said.

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