Research of Huntington F. Willard

Welcome to the Willard Research website at the Duke Institute for Genome Sciences & Policy at Duke University.

Research in the Willard Lab began in January 1982 as a group of scientists and students using both experimental and computational approaches to examine the nature of genome organization and its impact on gene expression and genome biology.

Over the past 30 years at the University of Toronto, Stanford University, Case Western Reserve University and now Duke University, we have been engaged in projects exploring complex genome sequences, their evolution, their packaging in various types of chromatin, and their effects on diverse phenomena such as centromere function, dosage compensation, and gene function, in genomes ranging from human to other primates and mammals to yeast.

In addition, we have always maintained an interest in the impact of findings in human genetics and genomics on society, public policy, and individual health, with projects focused on translational genomics, personal genomics, genomic and personalized medicine, science and society, and sports genetics.

Undergraduate Research
There are numerous opportunities for Duke undergraduates to become engaged in research, even for those with no prior experience.  Many students join research labs even as early as freshman year; other students join our summer fellowship program, run every summer for 10 weeks. Information on undergraduate research and independent study opportunities in the IGSP can be found here.

Graduate Study
The IGSP is associated closely with two graduate programs, one in Genetics and Genomics and one in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics.  Both programs offer research opportunities with faculty from across the Duke campus.  Over 20 students received their Ph.D. degrees in the Willard Lab; however, Dr. Willard is no longer accepting new graduate students.

Willard CV
A copy of Dr. Willard’s CV can be found here.  An automatically updated list of the most recent research publications can be found at the IGSP website here.

A Collection of Past Willard Lab Photos
Various photos from The Sandbox over the years can be found here.