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The Duke Epigenetics and Epigenomics Program (DEEP) is a collaborative venture at Duke University designed to unite a community of researchers and students in order to provide the best in epigenetic and epigenomic basic and translational research.

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Interesting Reads & Useful Links

ARTICLE: New Epigenetic Mark Found on Metazoan DNA

RESOURCE: Epigenome Roadmap

ARTICLE: Integrative analysis of 111 reference human epigenomes

ARTICLE: Methylome sequencing in triple-negative breast cancer reveals distinct methylation clusters with prognostic value

ARTICLE: 5-Hydroxymethylcytosine is a predominantly stable DNA modification

ARTICLE: Central Precocious Puberty Caused by Mutations in the Imprinted Gene MKRN3

ARTICLE: Aberration in DNA Methylation in B-Cell Lymphomas Has a Complex Origin and Increases with Disease Severity

ARTICLE: Guthrie card methylomics identifies temporally stable epialleles that are present at birth in humans

ARTICLE: Detecting the dynamics and memory of heterochromatin

ARTICLE: In vivo enzyme action

ARTICLE: Genomic Hypomethylation in the Human Germline Associates with Selective Structural Mutability in the Human Genome

RESOURCE: NCBI Epigenomics Resource

DEEP-Sponsored Events (Past)

OCTOBER 16, 2014: Epigenetics & the Environment Symposium

APRIL 29, 2013:
Duke Cancer Institute/DEEP Mini Symposium

NOVEMBER 14, 2012: 2nd Annual DEEP Colliquium

OCTOBER 26, 2011: 1st Annual DEEP Colliquium


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