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The Duke Epigenetics and Epigenomics Program (DEEP) is a collaborative venture at Duke University designed to unite a community of researchers and students in order to provide the best in epigenetic and epigenomic basic and translational research.

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DEEP Journal Club
June 1, 2015
12 NOON - 1 PM

Medical Center Library
Room 212C
(up half a flight from main desk, turn RIGHT at top of stairs; 212C is STRAIGHT ahead).

Paper: N6-Methyldeoxyadenosine marks active transcription start sites in Chlamydomonas.” (Fu et al., 2015)

Stephen Siecinski will be presenting this exciting paper, which is one of three papers published concurrently describing a new form of DNA methylation that is involved in gene regulation in eukaryotes.

Pizza and drinks will be served.
Please rsvp to Channelle March (ncchris@duke.edu) no later than May 29 for planning purposes.

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